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MTV OUT!  "A New Time & A New Day on PCB!"

"This was nearly a two year-long community effort by many people that rallied together to say: "No more" to the senseless promotion by the Tourist Development Council (TDC) funding of Student City/MTV and college spring break.

The sick message MTV represents, with it's foul entertainment, parties, followed by the criminal element; has been an annual slap in the face to this community and our visitors for the last 25 years.

Thank God it is finally over. We applaud the leadership for planning a new time and a new day for our beautiful area.Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many children and families whose lives have been forever altered by their loss of life or abuse which is followed by a lifetime of pain and suffering.

We will leave this web site up as a reminder to never, ever repeat this mistake again."

Mark Canfora Founder & Director Families & friends 4 a Safe PCB.

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TDC: No More MTV!

September 25, 2009

TDC/CVB had a combined meeting this week to pass Spring Break recommendations presented by Dan Rowe, CEO of the Tourist Development Council. After long weeks of deliberations, meetings and one vigorous community forum, a recommendation on Spring Break was reached that will decidedly cut Spring Break advertising ergo, cutting ties with MTV.


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Official: TDC 'mainstreaming' Spring Break

October 10, 2009

During the public forum, concerns were raised that Panama City Beach’s close association with Spring Break was perpetuating a harmful image, especially with the May opening of the new Northwest Florida-Panama City International Airport....

TDC Executive Director Dan Rowe  said the tourism council was working to develop a better way of managing the Spring Break message. It was using a new marketing and public relations strategy to wrap a package that appeals to all demographics.

“We are mainstreaming Spring Break,” he said. By talking about Panama City Beach in positive, pro-active ways, the destination becomes attractive to snowbirds, college students, families, young adults, motorcycle enthusiasts and all other tourists who come to the beach year-round, Rowe said.


A New Day In Panama City Beach




Has MTV-U seen it's last days on Panama City Beach?

Is college spring break helpful or harmful? It's a big money maker, but critics say it discourages families from coming to the beaches. Watch Video...

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TDC to get out of mtvU business

The Bay County Tourist Development Council decided Tuesday it will not be doing business with mtvU during future Spring Breaks amid criticism that unruly crowds at the network's sponsored concerts are not the type of visitors the Beach wanted. Read more...


------------ A New Time & A New Day on Panama City Beach ------------



We believe there are three assets/areas to focus on that we as a community and business leaders should emphasis in this "New Time & A New day" paradigm shift to improve (escape from) our current image as "The Party Town" to The Beach area for families, friends and people of all ages...there is something for everyone of all ages.

We know this to be true...but does the world? Let's tell and show them. There are no two greater outlets to tell this story then the intranet and television. We have to drive traffic to the web site that show these three main characteristics/assets we have:



-------------------------- Safety Concerns --------------------------

There are three main areas Families & Friends 4 a Safe Panama City Beach are
focusing on for the health, safety and well being of our
community and the visitors that arrive here:




  • College/Student Spring BreakWE ARE NOT ANTI-SPRING BREAK...WE ARE ANTI-SPRING BROKENESS. - As a diversified group of concerned citizens, we seek to end the ongoing nightmare of Panama City Beach College/Student Spring Break. This event failure has lead to multiple deaths, thousands of  sexual assaults and the ongoing pain and suffering for thousands of locals and visitors over the last 20 years. We say no more to the rapes, deaths, murders and the dangerous element that College Spring Break attracts. We welcome Visitors, Families and Friends during these weeks! "Family Friendly Tourism" is the backbone of our area. You cannot mix oil and water.

  • Beach Safety - We seek a more efficient and effective flag warning system for our visitors and local residents. Our goal is to have lifeguards and professionally trained personal in the most used areas of the beach. This will reduce the amount of drowning victims. We had 11 die in 2008. We believe the TDC and the County Commissioners should immediately fund this urgent matter for the safety of our beach-goers and increase education and advertising dollars about the flag warning systems.

  • Back Beach Road Safety (Highway 98) - We are organizing a safety awareness campaign for this historically dangerous and deadly stretch of road.  We will seek to get state and federal funds to "fast track" improving safety in this effort by reaching out to local, state and the U.S. Congress for federal funds to improve the safety of this highway.


-------------------------- The Faces of Evil --------------------------

Two of the Worst Kind of Element College Spring Break Annually
Attracts to Panama City Beach and our Community




Robert J. Bailey

Supreme Court of Florida


No. SC07-748










[December 18, 2008]



This case is before the Court on appeal from a judgment of conviction of first-degree murder and a sentence of death. We have jurisdiction. See art. V, § 3(b)(1), Fla. Const. For the reasons explained below, we affirm both the conviction and sentence.






Robert J. Bailey was indicted for resisting a police officer with violence and first-degree murder in the shooting death of Sergeant Kevin Scott Kight, which occurred after Sergeant Kight stopped Bailey for a traffic infraction.


On March 26, 2005, Robert Bailey, John Braz, and D’Tori Crawford drove from Chicago to Florida to look for women during spring break. For the trip, Bailey used a white Dodge Durango that his grandfather rented for him. The three men drank beer and smoked marijuana on the way, driving all through the night. Crawford saw that both Braz and Bailey had handguns with them.



In this case, Bailey deliberately left Wisconsin while on parole and headed to Florida to party during spring break, bringing a handgun with him. After he was pulled over, Bailey contemplated the killing of the officer for a significant time period before the shooting occurred. After the shooting, Bailey fled the scene, intimidated others into taking him to a particular bar by revealing his gun, and then went back to the hotel with his friends, where he reloaded his gun and filled his pockets with more ammunition. Read more...





Shawn Wuertley

Wuertley gets 30 years for rape



[March 14, 2009]



Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet studied Shawn Wuertley's verdict form for a minute, flipping back and forth between the three pages, before handing it to the clerk to be read.



His apparent confusion spread through the court as Wuertley was acquitted of attempted murder and kidnapping. He was convicted as charged of sexual battery, and a lesser charge of aggravated battery for either strangling the victim or throwing her off a Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort sixth-floor balcony after the attack.



Neither Wuertley nor the victim, who went from burying her face in her hands to looking intently at the judge, showed any emotion as the verdict was read. Jurors deliberated for four hours before reaching their decision. Read more...



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WJHG SafePCB Meeting News Coverage

A group called Friends and Families 4 A Safe Panama City Beach held its first public meeting tonight at Arnold High School. They say the tragedies of the past should be enough to stop the party. Watch Video...

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WMBB SafePCB Meeting News Coverage

Families & Friends for a Safe Panama City Beach is a concerned citizens group of residents, businesses, civic organizations, churches and others that are concerned for the safety and well being of our families, friends and visitors of Panama City Beach. Watch Video...

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Emergency Community Meeting and Discussion:
Monday March 30, 2009- Arnold High School 7pm.

To my local friends and associates in ministry and business,

If you have ever said or thought somebody should do something about the tragedy, deaths, rapes. etc of College/Student Spring Break here in Panama City Beach...now is your chance to do your part. Read more...




WJHG News Coverage

Panama City Beach attracts thousands of college students every year for spring break. And with a combination of alcohol and diminished inhibitions, that fun can turn into tragedy. Watch Video...

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Panama City Emergency Room Nurse on National TV - First Hand Account of Rape Victims In Panama City Beach - Only 3% are Reported!

20/20, Dateline are reportedly interested in doing an extensive investigation of the 20 year tragic history of PCB Spring Break. This interview and our efforts have brought to light the horrible history of death, rapes, assaults and the murder of Officer Kight. Further investigation will reveal all the deaths not reported by the media (drug overdoses, suicides, car wrecks).

Another example is the Swedish student who is paralyzed from the neck down from an accident at the Levela night club  pool. His parents flew in this week. These and many more tragic stories are all coming to light. Watch Video...

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This year (2009) in two weeks (2 weeks remaining) of spring break alone...there has been a shooting, a knifing, and an estimated 30 plus sexual assaults, rapes, etc. (Since this posting in mid March/09 three more tragic deaths occurred/see articles below)

My Pastor, Greg Aldridge/Cornerstone Family Fellowship/Panama City and his wife, found a girl one morning last week in the Baypoint residential area, stumbling along the road (in a date-rape drug and or alcohol induced daze). She was partially unclothed with a blanket wrapped around her. She was dumped there after she was apparently sexually assaulted by one or many abusers.


Several of Many Tragedies


Police Officer Kight Murdered Easter Sunday 2005


Sgt. Kevin Kight, 34, was shot twice shortly before 10:30 p.m. during a traffic stop along a busy street lined with beachfront hotels and condominiums crowded with spring break visitors. Kight died on the way to the hospital. Read more...


Spring Break, date-rape drugs a bad mix

The doctors and nurses in the emergency room at Gulf Coast Medical Center say the scenario plays out with alarming regularity every March.

A young woman comes in to the hospital, either by herself or with a law enforcement escort. She woke up alone on the Beach or in a strange hotel room, is unable to remember what happened to her and has a discomfort that suggests she was raped. At least four women in that situation came into the emergency room this week, Dr. Jimmie McCready said Thursday. Read more...


Spring Breaker in serious condition after being shot

A 19-year-old Tallahassee woman on Spring Break was shot early Sunday and remains in serious condition.

Police were flagged down at 1:43 a.m. near the 8800 block of Thomas Drive and made contact with Laquanzia Elizabeth Bush, 19, who was discovered in a grassy median between Thomas Drive and South Thomas Drive suffering from a small caliber bullet wound in the left torso, according to a Panama City Beach Police Department release. Read more...


Body discovered in ditch by PCB condo

The body of a 21-year-old spring breaker from Texas was discovered in a ditch early Wednesday next to the Sterling Reef condo on Front Beach Road.

For several hours, beachgoers walked past the scene and gawked as police officers and officials from the medical examiner's office stood behind a white sheet and blue tarp, examining the body of 21-year-old Justin Richard Delval, of Katy, Texas. Read more...


Balcony fall in PCB kills Notre Dame recruit

A spring breaker apparently fell to his death from a beachside hotel balcony Friday night, the second such death in as many weeks on Panama City Beach.

Police and paramedics were gathered at the Days Inn on Front Beach Road about 6:30 p.m. CDT Friday, where a body lay covered with a yellow blanket on the hotel's back patio.

Police officials had not identified the victim at press time Friday, pending notification of his family. However, a spokesman for St. Xavier High School identified the victim as 17-year-old Cincinnati high school student Matt James. Read more...



Spring Break death: He was a great kid

The last online message a 19-year-old Georgia farm boy had for his friends indicated he hoped to enjoy a night of partying; instead, the night ended with the young vacationer's death.

A lower-level guest at Holiday Terrace motel saw Brandon Ward Kohler fall from his fifth-floor balcony just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night. By the time police and paramedics reached the cement parking lot where his body lay, Kohler was dead.

His was the first fatal balcony fall during this year’s Spring Break — vacationers survived a three-story fall and a two-story fall earlier this month — and the only balcony fall from the beachfront Holiday Terrace. Read more...



Loved ones share memories, mourn loss of Randy Nolan

Randy Nolan was thoughtful and cheerful, a lighthearted joker dedicated to his family.

That’s how loved ones and friends remembered him, the Rev. Clint Capps said at Nolan’s funeral Thursday afternoon.

Randy Brent Nolan, 20, of Auburn, was killed when he was struck by a car in Panama City Beach, Fla., Sunday. The driver of the car, Dakota Matthews, then hit several other vehicles and died, Panama City Beach police have said. Read more...


Randy Nolan video tribute. Watch Video...


School Stunned By Violent Death Of Former State Champ

The violent death of a star athlete and former state champion has rocked a tight-knit community in Lawrence County. Police in Panama City Beach, Florida say Dakota Matthews, 20 died after running head-on into a pickup early Sunday morning, just minutes after he reportedly hit and killed a pedestrian.

Investigators tell WHNT NewsChannel 19 Matthews was driving away from the scene of the hit and run when he crossed over into oncoming traffic and nearly collided with a police cruiser. The police car crashed into a telephone pole, but the officer escaped with minor injuries. Shortly later, Matthews' vehicle collided with the pickup, and he died at the scene. Police say alcohol appears to be a factor. Read more...


Spring breaker found dead in Florida

Panama City Beach Police are investigating the discovery of a 21-year-old Katy man found dead in a ditch near a condominium Wednesday morning.

Justin Richard Delval, a 2006 graduate at Katy High School and sophomore at Texas A&M University, was vacationing in Florida for spring break.

Police responded to the Sterling Reef Condominium at approximately 9:43 a.m. in reference to an unresponsive white male lying on the ground. Read more...





Its Been 25 Years Since Fort Lauderdale Yanked the Spring Break Welcome Mat

"You can't cater to MTV and Girls Gone Wild and expect anyone else to want to come here," said Nicki Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. "It demeans your destination." Read more...

-------------------- Share Your Testimony | 14 Comments --------------------



Please tell us about your experience or comments here: Place "SafePCB Testimony" in the subject: MarkCanfora@aol.com


"I attended your meeting last night at Arnold High and I can see this move comes directly from your heart. I only wish the leaders of our community could have been there to hear your testimony." Read more...

"I am going to  rally people to attend your next meeting, I believe your message needs to heard God will work through the Hearts of others." Read more...

The Names, Faces & Tragic History of
Panama City Beach College/Student Spring Break



The Names, Faces & Tragic History of Panama City Beach College/Student Spring Break is being published and coming to our Families & Friends 4 a Safe PCB site. Every child's name, face (their photo) and cause of death on our beach will be posted over the next year as we gather the records of this ongoing nightmare . We will also be adding their "dreams for a future" they had before they came to "the party" the (TDC & other businesses) invited them to.

They arrived with hopes of having a "good time" and left in body bags. Many thousands arrive in anticipation of a "good time" leaving forever scarred for life. Be sure Ocean Force is here to document this "Party" for all 50 states to enjoy throughout the year. Some kind of image we give all for the "economic impact".

The rape victims...

There will also be a section covering the thousands of reported/unreported sexual assaults...(names/photos withheld upon request)for victims of raped, drug induced rape(altered drinks, etc) to share their nightmarish spring break experience here...they don't leave in "body bags", but in bodies that are forever scarred after being raped or gang raped. This is a slow death in many cases...these young women many times to turn to drugs/more alcohol in an attempt to kill the pain. Many commit suicide later, but the inflicted lifelong pain and suffering began here.

There are only "three" deaths reported by the local media...what fails to get reported are the overdose deaths/suicides through the hospitals...we will search and ultimately subpoena the records of the PCB Police, Bay County Sheriffs, the Bay County Medical Examiner, hospitals, etc.

Our 9 year records from 2000-2009 and documented number of deaths during PCB SB is over 50 and we believe through future litigation the numbers will reveal over 100 deaths, thousands of "reported" sexual assaults and over 100,000 crimes, violations, etc.

This year off Thomas Drive where I live with my wife & three children there has been a knifing, a shooting and a child run over by a car. We have passed out thousands of safety fliers warning the students of the tragic history of the dangers that are prevelant here. On a Friday night it is much like a war zone here...sirens, ambulances, fire trucks race the streets what seemed like constantly..but every 15-20 minutes to be sure.

Please join us at Arnold High School- 7pm Monday March 30, 2009... for the emergency public meeting to discuss these and other safety issues. (Lifeguards & Back Beach Road Safety)

The problem: We have men motivated by money and greed in exchange for leaving thousands of lives permanently damaged. There will be a price to pay (one day, either here on earth and definitely as they stand before the Creator) by these leaders that simply look the other way and continue to ignore this tragedy. These leaders continue to mock God as they pray in Jesus' Name at their meetings and then allow this nightmare to continue.

Those phone calls received last week by the parents that their "child is DEAD...or raped..." will ring in their ears forever. These dead abd abused children are someone's child, grandchild, brother/sister...everyone pleasremember that.


Passive Collusion are those that see these things happening and do nothing. Active collusion are those that meet, organize, vote and expedite this ongoing nightmare.

Let's do something together!

-------------------------- Message From Mark Canfora --------------------------



Families & Friends 4 A Safe Panama City Beach was birthed as a result of a dream the Lord gave me one night in March 2008 when the news hit of the 18 year old Tuscaloosa Spring Break visitor that was assaulted, raped and attempted to be murdered as she was thrown from the 6th floor of SandPiper Beacon hotel by the hotel's security guard.

I awoke and began deeply crying from that dream as the Lord had said "No More" as He drew a line in the sand (a deep trench) from the Gulf waters to the tower buildings. That previous evening I had watched the news like most with disgust and was saddened by the attack on that innocent girl...but I was not moved the way we all should be moved when this type of attack takes place. I felt as God asked me "What if that was your daughter?" and finished by saying "she IS my daughter." No More!

I wept for that child, her parents and family. I documented the truth and evidence. I researched and studied for the next few days on the history of the last 20 years of this PCB "college spring break tradition." This annual event earns tens of millions of dollars for a very few while it has permanently scarred and damaged many thousands of children and families as a result. We say No More!

PCB Police Officer Kevin Kight was murdered on Easter Sunday 2005. According to records I received from Bay County Sheriffs and PCB Police Dept. There have been over 50 deaths (murder, building falls/jumps, traffic, pedestrian, etc.) during the 6 weeks of "College Spring Break" since the records indicate back to the year 2000. There also have been nearly 50,000 assault and battery arrests, alcohol related crimes, rapes, and tens of millions in property damage. Undoubtedly there are an undetermined amount of "date rapes and drug induced rapes" that were never reported because of humility or shame to the victims. Some estimates are that only one in ten sexual assaults/rapes are reported.

I then spoke at the Tourist Development Council (TDC) marketing and general meetings and offered the tragic evidence on paper. These facts as well as the city's and the TDC legal liability were ultimately ignored as they still decided to promote college spring break. They booked MTV to host the party again this year in 2009. Business as usual paying them $200,000 while bringing in "thug" rappers like Little Wayne.

Here are some of the facts and deadly history of Panama City Beach Spring Break as presented to the TDC and you:

  • MTV promotes and has promoted music and videos which encourage and glorify the abuse of alcohol, the assault, rape and murder of girls and women. All have happened here on PCB!
  • MTV has a history and promoted music with lyrics like "187 on a Cop" (187 means "murder or kill" a Police Officer) Happened Here on PCB Easter 2005.
  • MTV & College Spring Break Parties draw sexual predators- Girls Gone Wild-Joe Francis types- that have abused girls and woman, mocked our authorities and legal system, all while profiting millions of dollars at others pain and suffering.
  • Murderers and sexual predators are attracted to the "party our community leaders throw" such as the man on death row in Officer Kight's murder and the rapist-Shawn Wuertley.
  • Ocean Force-Scandal Mag Television Show videos and documents the drunken, drug induced happenings here during Panama City Beach Spring Break and then broadcast it on television all over North America 365 days per year severely damaging the true image of this area. Ocean Force comes back for fresh clips each year and we suffer as a community as a result. One survey showed over 80% polled thought of Panama City Beach as that "College Spring Break Party" location.

Trying to help, some have responded individually and as individual church bodies admirably reaching out to the youth. But to no avail at ceasing, preventing or stopping the ongoing madness. Sadly, the vast majority of churches and people have not responded at all. Individuals in the community feel helpless.

We are the last tourist community in Florida "actively" promoting College/Student Spring Break...Why? Our 20 year tragic and deadly history shouts loudly the answer as to why no family friendly tourist community tolerates this abuse. We cannot tolerate this abuse any longer as a community. Children and people are dying, being killed, raped and injured. We have to stand in one voice and say No More!

Please consider joining us at the free Celebration of Life & Family Festival. Please join us in the ongoing effort to bring families and friends to the beach year round...especially during the 6 weeks of Spring Break. We can and we will take this beach back one week at a time...let's start with Easter Week.

Community Meeting and discussion on Monday March 30, 2009 at Arnold High School 7pm.





Download a printable Safety sheet here