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"MTV OUT! Sounds as you (Families & Friends) were there "...for such a time as this..."  Good job!"

Ty Florida

"I LOVE to watch God moving in this situation. I was telling my friend yesterday that several months ago God changed my way of thinking. I used to think that revival was impossible with the way the world was on a steady decline. But, God has shown me there is still plenty of time for a mass influx of new souls saved. Thank you for listening to God and following Him so faithfully. I consider myself truly blessed for our friendship and look forward to helping out with this new movement God is doing in our city."

"May Jesus bless every step you take, Mark!"

John Ohio

"Thank you for keeping us inform and for helping our community be safe."

Julio & Yvonne Florida

"Hallejlieua and Praise God! NO MORE MTV! I’ve been praying and getting the word out!"

Debbie Florida

"TDC says MTV OUT of College Spring Break! This is huge progress! Keep me posted. I'm watching the news tonight!"

B Florida

"Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts with Saturdays event.  Until I listened to the Christian rappers Saturday, I never had considered in studying the story of Jesus resurrection that " the stone that was rolled away was as big as a school bus".  Brings new meaning to the Easter story."

"That your involvement and the Celebration of Life could come from such a dark hour is a true testament to God's mighty hand.  Also great news on the TDC front and my partner had sent me the update that you sent."

John Florida

"I very much appreciate and admire your dedication to this cause.  I will continue to pray for it's success.  Thank you"

Melanie Florida

"This effort by your group and ministry goes to show that people can make a difference in our government and our society. I applaud and thank you for your unselfish efforts to bring the truth about this nightmare that we all have lived with so long. I have lived here over twenty years and I never thought MTV and those types that hurt people would ever stop coming here. I pray for a new day here too."

Mary Florida

"I attended your meeting last night at Arnold High and I can see this move comes directly from your heart. I only wish the leaders of our community could have been there to hear your testimony."

"I have lived off Front Beach for 13 years and each year it seems to get worse, after Sgt. Kight was killed I thought for sure they would turn to a more family friendly environment however I can see the greed has consumed the moral values of the community."

"I am a retired cop from Southern Calif after I spent 15 of my 20 years with a hardened heart, life and violence became just a number to me, until I found the Lord."

"My heart and prayers go out to you and your family, please let me know when the next meeting is I would like to invite others from my church."

Lance Florida

"I am going to  rally people to attend your next meeting, I believe your message needs to heard God will work through the Hearts of others."

"I attended your meeting and  gave your information to a friend of mine who's son was killed a few years ago in an accident on Thomas drive after drinking at a local club. I shared your message and she will probably be attending the March meeting with me, I am praying she shares her story."

Charles Florida

"It was great talking to you and thank you so much for being a Warrior for Christ! My family  would be honored to volunteer at your event. I am working on several churches coming and having the youth  pastors/families bring more items that your ministry needs."

Albert Florida

"Sorry I missed the meeting at Arnold Monday night. I'd be interested in any information, or evangelism and always will be praying.  Our lesson last Sunday was Jonah and PC Beach to me, is Nineveh. I have to say 'Here am I , LORD, send me.'"

Ann Florida

"Attended the meeting Monday...What a message. People are getting stirred up."

Brent Florida

"I was carrying the cross through the streets of panama city beach and at that time i couldn't feel God's spirit upon me and i was praying God why cant i feel your spirit i'm doing this for you and i know God was saying just hold on i'm about to send someone and right then here you came out of peoples first and your spirit lit mine on fire and i know God makes no mistakes in life and i'm so thankful your a man who's fighting back and not running scared. we as a church must stand up and take charge not run from the devil. thank God for using you for His ministry. my prayers are always upon you and i know God's going to bring you and your ministry around the world to preach the good news. God bless you and thank you for believing in me when everyone else wants me destroyed for what i'm doing for Christ. stay strong my brother and ~KEEP FIGHTING!!~"

Torrin Florida

"I moved to Panama City Beach last August 2008 to help my elderly mother."

"I was shocked at how things have changed here in 20years. All of the condominiums blocking the ocean view and trash on the beaches. Mom told me that there are times when she is afraid to go out. I understand this because of the Alzheimer but she was trying to tell me about spring brake. I had no idea how bad it was."

"When the college kids first started to arrive I taught well ok not bad. Then I was told about=2 0club LaVela and Spinnaker. I was see first hand what some of the nabors and my mom was talking about. Meany of the locales do not want to go out when the spring breakers are here."

"I had to experience this for my self in several ways. The first time was at Wal-Mart on the beach when I and my service animal went there to by grocery. I was harassed by them because of my service animal hollered/screamed at. I will not repent the obscenities but it was bad. Driving is even worse. You can not even get to Wal-Mart during the second week of spring brake it takes up to an hour from Lagoon to Wal-Mart. Parking is an issue. Lorie Avenue is not a parking lot. Lagoon is not a parking lot. The sub-divisions where people local people live are not for parking or cursing. I could not even get tough from Boca lagoon to Wal-Mart during the spring brake. I had to go around and use Thomas Drive."

"Oh that brings me to another point. I had to have EMS out to the house for my mother during spring brake here. I believe the spring brake activities are not in good standing for the welfare of the local elderly population. With the local population getting older and more medical care services are need i.e. EMS, FIRE, LAW ENFORCEMENT the spring brake activities i.e. drunkenness, drugs, fighting, assaults, murders hinder the timely response to the local comm unity from the critical life protection services."

"The tourism department needs to think of the economic impact that a delay in emergency services would have to the community. Ask your self this question: What if it was your mother or father and emergency medical services could not respond in a timely manner and they died because of the spring brake activities."

"There is also the question of fire codes for restaurants and clubs. I believe there is a maximum occupancy level. From what I understand if that is exceeded it violates the law. The issue of proper parking goes along with this. If the restaurant or club dose not have the proper parking for the event then the TDC and the club should not be allowed to hold or sponsor the event."

"The issue of open beer and liquor on a PUBLIC beach violates the law too. So dose most of the spring barkers activities. I know I do not want to see a bunch of college kids drunk and acting foolish. Then trying to drive. The automobile insurance is high here and I believe it is more costly because of the spring brake activities. This is detrimental to the local community as a hole."

Andrew Florida